At Antonio Park, we are committed to providing our students with a dynamic, evidence-based approach to literacy learning that is consistent across our school. Students learn to be successful readers, writers, speakers and listeners and gain a raft of strategies that they can draw on to progress their own learning throughout their journey with us.



Children are exposed to a wide range of texts, both in book and multi-modal form; fiction, non-fiction, poems, songs, rhymes, fables, fairy tales. They are encouraged to experiment with writing and are given many opportunities to become confident speakers and attentive listeners.


Home Reading provides children with the opportunity to choose text to read at home with the family. This is a wonderful and rewarding time for all! It develops a love of literature, stimulates an interest in print and helps children see reading as a leisure time activity. Read with and to your child and follow up with a discussion. When your child is ready to read to you – it is an exciting time for everyone!



Spend some time with your child to browse through the text, discuss the pictures, difficult words and characters, to give your child an idea of what it is about before you share the reading experience. A book cover is supplied for Home Reading material.


Parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged in the classroom and we aim to develop a shared understanding of children’s literacy learning. Programs for parents are offered throughout the year.


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