Digital Technologies

Digital Technology devices at Antonio Park are seen foremost as tools to enhance student learning across all areas. All students have access to school laptops and iPads, in addition to the BYOD laptop program running in Grades 3-6. In addition, each class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, offering teachers and students all the advantages that the latest technology brings to the classroom environment. This enables all students to utilise technology within their classrooms in a natural learning situation.


The Digtial Techologies curriculum is taught across our school and is aimed at giving our students a foundational understanding in how digital devices can be programmed and utilised to carry out tasks and solve simple and complex problems. Students in our junior school develop computational thinking skills, and in our senior school they begin to learn initial coding and programming skills using various game design software and robots such as Spheros. 

Antonio Park runs lunchtime coding clubs for both our Junior and Senior students.


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