Grounds & Facilities

Walking around out the back of Antonio Park Primary School, it's easy to forget that you are in the middle of the suburbs. We are lucky to have maintained virgin bushland at the back of our school that borders with the historic Antonio Park. Near this bushland you will see our 'bush playground' and the homes for our chickens and goats. Antonio Park's environment is unique, and represents a wonderful example for our students about the importance of looking after our environment and living in a sustainable way.


Nature's Classroom


Construction of a nature trail through the bushland at the back of our school occurred during the 2005 school year. A winding trail was cut through the vegetation and sealed. Students led an initiative to add seats and learning areas throughout the trail, as well as a frog pond, bird hides and butterfly attracting plants.


Nature's classroom is a unique school area where the environment and the classroom come together as an authentic learning environment for our students.


The playground, courts, oval and other sporting facilities at Antonio Park encourage our students to be active and engaged in their sport and play.




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