The Arts

At Antonio Park Primary School our Arts program enables all students from Foundation to Grade 6 to enjoy and participate in varied experiences in Visual Art, Music and in the Performing Arts.


Students have the opportunity to perform at assemblies, school functions, community venues, and the annual school production. The scope of performances has grown from the Whole School Production Foundation - 6, to two performances by Grades Prep - 4, and Grades 5 & 6 over two nights.


Along with our school musical production, a sequential visual art and music program, and individual instrumental music tuition, give the students of Antonio Park Primary School plenty of scope in self-expression, and confidence in performing for an appreciative audience.




Our Annual School Productions are always a highlight of the school year. They are the culmination of many hours of hard work by teachers, support staff, parents and of course the children.


Our school productions receive enormous support from our school community in the form of costume making, prop building, make up, dance, choreography, photography, program design and much more.


To be able to present quality performances over two consecutive nights involving all children is always a credit to the entire Antonio Park community.



Instrumental Music Tuition

Antonio Park offers an Instrumental Music program that is held in half hour blocks during the school day.


For more information contact:

Margaret Lewis (Piano only) Email: Lewis.family5

Wonnies (all instruments) or Ph 9812 2568


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